Practical Test

DAS Training course Bristol

DAS Training course Bristol

We have access to all of the test routes, so a mock test can be conducted on an actual test route. You are then given feedback on your performance, exactly as you would be by the DSA examiner.

The Bristol Test Centre, which is only 6 miles from our training school.

The practical motorcycle test consists of the following sections:-

Module 1

Approx 10 mins
Manual Handling, Slow speed control manoeuvres,
cornering, hazard avoidance, controlled stop and emergency stop.
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Module 2

Approx 40 mins
The Road Ride
Practical riding including the hill start, angled start and 10 minute independent ride.
Further safety questions about carring a pillion passenger and questions about riding in poor weather conditions.

Faults are classified as Rider Faults (up to 5 allowable on Module 1 and 10 on module 2), a serious or dangerous one will earn you a fail.

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DAS Training course Bristol

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